What feeds them? Daniel DiPiazza, Writer

What feeds them? Tina Roth Eisenberg (aka Swissmiss), blogger and designer.

feedly mobile 14.1 is out: New Title-only View

14.0.477 – An update of feedly desktop focused on performance and quality


Announcing the New Feedly Mobile

10 new features for a smoother transition

Millions of Bees

An awesome skin: list view with full width support

Feedly for Safari Update – 14.0.468

Better Title View

Spike problem resolved.

Priorities: Keeping the site up, listening and adding new features.

Tips for Google Reader users migrating to feedly

Transitioning from Google Reader to feedly

All Boats Leak

[Completed] Scheduled Downtime

Better Sharing Personalization?


Feedly for Chrome 14.0.466 is out

Turbulence – Feb 17th, Feb 18th and Feb 19th.

Everyone needs an editor

Smarter Sharing: Feedly connects with Buffer

BMW i Window

Your Best Work

9 Ways To Optimize The New Feedly

2,000 reviews, 5-star average. Thank you.

Audi Envisions A Future Of Laser Brakes

Gutenberg Era vs. Social Media Era: The communications market is infected by confusion

Design Empathy

Manifesto of Content Strategy

Design Empathy


The New Feedly Mobile – iOS and Android

Hello world!

Preview of the New Feedly for Android

Notes from the 500 startup #unsexy conference

Android / Hardware Acceleration / WebView

Polishing rough edges – Patch 1

Preview of feedly desktop 9.2

Getting there…

FIXED & APPROVED – Bug in feedly 9.0 for Firefox

Feedly 9.0 – Polishing and Bug Fixes

TIME Magazine Top 10 Smart Phone Apps of 2011

Feedly 8.1 – 10 Bug Fixes

Feedly 8: Tagging, New Views, Infinite Scrolling and more…

Jonathan Ive – Tribute to Steve Jobs


Feedly 6.2 for Chrome and Safari

Feedly 6.1 – Enhanced Narrow Design and Lots of Bug Fixes

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